FundLyst Launches Platform to Simplify Fundraising for Both Technology Investors and Entrepreneurs

New platform utilizes data and artificial intelligence to better and more accurately match investors and companies.

(Austin, TX – April 26, 2022) – FundLyst, a new platform for simplifying the deal flow process for both investors and startups today announced the beta launch of its flagship offering. Designed to improve compatibility between investors and companies, FundLyst uses machine learning to provide tailored matches for every stage of investment. The company is in the seed round of fundraising.

FundLyst, founded by female technology entrepreneurs Devaki Baker and Amber Gunst, will establish a community for investors and entrepreneurs to expand their network and influence, forging connections with less legwork for both parties. The platform gives investors a credible tool to vet prospects with real-time metrics to automatically cut through the large influx of inbound requests they receive to their inbox, saving time and elevating the most relevant companies.

“It can easily become a full-time job to raise money for your company,” said Devaki Baker, Founder and CEO for FundLyst. “FundLyst will be a game changer for entrepreneurs, particularly those without a robust network, because it will enable them to find the right investor faster, allowing them to focus on innovation.”

“The human component is what has been the missing piece in the capital investment industry for some time.” said Amber Gunst, Co-Founder, FundLyst. “FundLyst’s unique approach marries technology and human intelligence, and is exactly what founders and investors need to build better companies.”

FundLyst was designed with ease-of-use in mind, with a clean user interface, easy onboarding and intelligent search engine that delivers tailored prospects directly to the user. Every member will be vetted by FundLyst before information can be matched, and each account will be assigned a FundLyst account advocate that will help provide tailored leads. Membership is based on a fixed price for both investors and companies, independent of any deal or investment amounts.

The platform will also evolve to provide educational tools, including a learning portal, access to mentors, in-person programs that foster collaboration, and other analytics services.

To learn more about FundLyst and apply for membership, please visit

About FundLyst

FundLyst was born out of the determination to simplify fundraising. By expanding the sphere of influence for both founders and investors, FundLyst reduces time and improves fit, providing both with the ability to build great companies. FundLyst is creating a community focused on successful outcomes for investors and companies. This exclusive platform of founders and investors helps limit the noise from outside sources. Our mission is to bring purity back to the process by combining AI and human connection. Follow FundLyst on LinkedIn and Twitter.