Spending countless hours looking
for the right fit is exhausting

When you’re drowning in the search process, you’re not doing what you do best – grow good companies.
Finding the right fit shouldn’t be this difficult.

Professional Investors

  • Receive thousands of emails per month.
  • VC partners see 5000+ pitches per year.
  • On average only 2 deals get closed per year.


  • Spend months trying to find the right investor.
  • Spend more than 50% of their time fundraising.
  • Only 2% of funds go to women founders.

Find the right
fit with FundLyst

Reduce Time, Improve Fit

FundLyst uses machine learning to match Investors and Founders. Every member receives a dedicated account manager to ensure you don’t miss deals.

Expand Your Network and Influence

FundLyst connects you with opportunities you didn’t know existed, expanding your sphere of influence.

One Easy Annual Investment

We don’t ask for commission or equity on your deals. Whether you’re closing at $25k or $250M, membership remains one flat rate for your whole team.

Using FundLyst is simple


Provide Your Criteria

We’ll ask detailed questions when you apply for membership so that we can tailor-fit your matches.

Get access to FundLyst

When you become a member, you’ll have access to our exclusive community. Meet vetted matches, communicate with prospects, and track deals.

Find the right fit

Finding the right fit saves you time and money, freeing you to focus on the important work – growing good companies.

The Ultimate Catalyst for Investors and Founders

FundLyst is much more than a database.

  • Get tailored matches for every stage of investment.
  • Have a dedicated account manager for proactive deal flow.
  • Meet vetted prospects with real-time metrics.
  • Expand your network and discover unique opportunities.
  • Make lead investor announcements and raise funds.
  • Attend live events in your region.

FundLyst is Your Ally

We are much more than a database. FundLyst is the ultimate catalyst for Investors and Founders to reduce time identifying their fundraising fit.

FundLyst provides you with all the metrics you need to find the fit you’re looking for:

  • We don’t clutter your inbox with irrelevant emails.
  • You only receive great opportunities that fit your funding requirements.
  • Human connection beyond the platform through FundLyst team collaboration and events in your region.

Your information will be kept private, so you don’t have to worry about competitors snooping.

If you’re an Investor or Founder and you’re tired of spending too much time looking for the right fit, apply for membership today.

Tech companies will change the world for the better, we are committed to supporting your journey.